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  1. A friend of mine has a 7th generation corolla that works great except one small problem. Apparently this thing will be cruising down the freeway just fine and then turn off.... It's odd because it doesn't struggle to stay running (choke or sputter ), and it doesn't just immediately shut off either. The rpm's just drop at an even slow pace until the motor stops. Giving it gas in any amount, from a pedal to the metal stomp or just a flutter of the pedal does nothing, the only thing that helps is to turn the key off then on quickly before the motor stops...Bizarre.... I'm at a loss really, though I've not had a chance to look at the car or see it do this annoying trick in person, does anyone have an idea where to begin? electrical stuff isn't my strong point and I'd have to guess that's an electrical issue.........
  2. that plug looks ok. I would cut, splice, solder, and shrink wrap the wires to be sure you get a solid connection and keep water out.
  3. You could try tightening screws as well, thats helped me numerous times. After a few years stuff can shake itself loose.
  4. junk yards have always done me lots of good.....
  5. haha yeah I've got more monkeying around to do though...
  6. Thanks. I had it aligned not too long ago and I can't remember for the life of me whether or not the wheel was straight when I got her back........I have been monkeying around with the suspension on the driver side so who knows.....
  7. I've never thought to ask anyone because it doesn't appear to affect the way my car functions, but why is it that, in order to drive in a straight line, my steering wheel must be turned about 15 degrees to the left? Is this something to do with an improper alignment or simply evidence that in the past my steering wheel has been removed and improperly or sloppily put back on?
  8. So as a last resort, have you tried bending your wiper arms so that they apply more pressure? I had a similar issue with an old suby I once owned and that fixed the problem. Don't bend them too much, just enough to exert a bit more pressure. It's worth a shot if this is REALLY bugging you.
  9. Yeah, stop driving until you get the fluid changed. Back in my quick lube days I saw a few transmissions toasted due to techs changing transmission fluid and not adding the Smart-Blend additive that converts dexron lll to type lV.
  10. brand new wheel bearings with no play, there was no difference in the heat before or after I changed the wheel bearings either so it had to be a caliper issue. I haven't had the opportunity to take the car on the freeway for a high speed test (which was where I would notice the difference in temp the most), but as of yet everything seems a-ok
  11. double checked pads and noticed no scoring, when I took the caliper off it took a bit of force to get the piston to move initially. I went ahead and changed the caliper anyway if this doesn't fix it I'm going to change the soft lines (which appear to be in excellent condition ) and continue moving up from there....
  12. i hadn't noticed any scoring on the pads either, I'll check her out in the morning and let you know.
  13. the sliders on the caliper seemed to be fine yesterday when I gave them a brief once over , they moved back and forth with little effort. I didn't get much time to check out the caliper piston (at home with two small children till after the new year), I may have time today during nap time I'll check out the condition of the softline as well, thats something I hadn't thought of.