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  1. Please check the date of thread before posting. I have long since sold 2 corollas since I made this post. FYI I had a Casper shield installed when I made this retrofit to cut glare. I also used d2r bulbs specifically designed for reflector headlamps. Lexus Es snd acura tl of same day came with exact same setup.
  2. it will probably look good. aluminium doesn't rust ... it corrodes so as long as right coolant and oil was used it will shine like new with some cleaning. I have however seen aluminum spotting sometimes (dark spots). nothing can be done about that. the wear also depends on how it was driven and grade/lubrication of oil. the valves should be very clean so long as it had some injector cleaning fluids once in a while in the gas tank (ie seafoam). I wonder how long head gaskets last though on corollas. on my subaru its already seeping/leaking slightly after 60k miles. ans the intake plenum was full of gunk. no kids here so I do all my engine work alone.
  3. I hear you on the EPS in new Corolla. It's radiculously numb. I test drove 2010 and said, no, thanks, and bought Prius instead. Everyone picks on Prius not being driver's car, yet it has the best EPS I've seen. The hydraulic PS in the previous generation was excellent, that was one of the things that sold me on the car. How did you avoid oil burning in a 2000 Corolla? Any tips on oil used, intervals, etc? BTW, this is my honest review on my 2003 Corolla. I like the car even though it was not problem free: My corolla just didn't have any oil burning issues. i think same with fish and his 2002. I used any high mileage oil like valvoline synthetic blend or castrol gtx-hm. I used german castrol 0w-30 winter times here. no burning ever.
  4. I cannot stand the looks of the new corolla. While the prev gen themselves would not win any awards in that department, they lacked the goofy looky at least. Yes the engines are getting fancier and contain more parts than ever before. Even with all these new parts and techs such as direct injection, the cars are still getting the same mileage as twenty years ago, it's just they make more power. But I can't use all these power even if i wanted to, with city traffic and cops and all that. I have all those symptoms you just mentioned, but i'm still on OEM tires. I cannot stand EPS either. If I drive my impreza for a week and go back to my corolla, It makes me want to cry on the twisties. But the EPS is a godsend in parking lots. You would not believe how heavy the subaru steering is. It's like driving a truck and it only gets tolerable with speed. But it has tons of feedback and its sharp, thing I also like. once I made a pact to not to buy an electric powered steering car...ever. But I don't know i just bought the Corolla S anyway. Either way the guy who bought my 00 corolla got a deal. It was probably the cleanest corolla in my town.
  5. I had a 2000 toyota corolla that I kept until last year. It was such a sweetheart. Never had any issues with reliability and i was so brutal in driving it, always shifted at 6000 rpm when merging on the freeway, every-damn-day. Just did twice a year oil changes, and transmission service every couple years. that's it. Right before I sold it, I finally changed the spark plugs and rear drums (after 11 years!!). The spark plugs still looked good. The vapor sensor was the only thing that went bad on that car but my dealership had it replaced under good will. Another complaint I had was piston slap, which was very loud on this car. Otherwise the paint still shone, interior smelled like new and it was quite peppy for only 125 hp. It also had one of the best hydraulic steering I ever used, it was well weight (not light and not heavy) and it had lots of feedback. My 2012 corolla has horrible steering in comparison, the electric system is just so numb it's frustrating. The engine seemed to be getting stronger the older it got! I had no problem keeping up with my friend's 99 civic si when merging on the highway. I also had No oil burning issue that some complained about. Why did I sell that car? Because it was showing its age, and I needed something with power windows/locks, sun roof and more leg room. I wish I did not sell it though. It was worth so much more than what it got sold for.
  6. how much overlap does that cam setup create? You want 0 to no overlap with a forced induction setup. Are you keeping the stock heads? i would swap heads from a 1zz-fe. Higher static compression might give you problems down the road.
  7. amsoil would cost me 2x the cash. not worth it imo i doubt engine would know the difference. fish i know my subaru loves high oil pressure, in fact they are famous for throwing low oil pressure codes with thin oil. so i guess i've been doing the right thing running thicker oil there. my 1zzfe 00 corolla warm idled at 5psi. my impreza does so about 10psi. so i dont think corollas need higher weight really.
  8. hi fish here is a virgin oil analysis for the t6 5w40. it has phosphorus. but every voa i have seen does too. im not a fan of phosphor, i can actually smell it under WOT or that might be the ones in gas. anyway you're right the 100c viscosity is only 13.4 csu which is only slightly higher than GC 0w-30 12.7 (5%). are you saying that i will lose top end power running t6 compared to a dino 5w-20? my primary concern is engine protection.
  9. says 5w_20 on my oil cap. ambient temps will be ~30'c or above. high humidity. i read in my manual that 5w40 can be used for severe conditions (towing, hot climates etc). my oil temps usually hang around 100-105'c on the highway. coolant 88'c cruising or 95'c idle. i will be doing mostly city driving. ever_green
  10. With my previous 00 corolla I used to run german castrol 0w-30 and it loved it. No burning, no smell and smooth operation. However GC are getting harder to find on sale and it would cost me $60 to do an oil change with GC here. On the other hand I can get rotella T6 5w-40 for $40 including a purolator classic filter. I have been running 5w-40 T6 in my subaru for about a year with no issues, it loves that oil. there is less valve noise (almost none) and the fuel economy is not affected. I'm just wondering if it's a good fit for my corolla as I have never heard any corollas using this. Oh and I really rev the hell out of my car sometimes, redline shifting, engine braking, you name it.
  11. I know the brake specific fuel consumption sweet spot is around 3000rpm for the 1ZZ-FE at full throttle. But i was wondering if anyone could help me find the sweetspot for the 2ZR? I'm guessing it will be the same or perhaps higher due to dual VVT-i? currently i shift at 3000rpm and about 3/4 throttle with good results of about 30mpg city, but i thought i might improve on it. Some people i know who build and tune engines recommend i shift at peak torque and 3/4 throttle instead, i'm not sure about that seeing as most BSFC charts on the net discourage this, and that most eco cars go open loop above 3500-4000rpm.
  12. had the tires replaced last week with continental extremecontact dws. I have not noticed rough ride anymore. Also traction in the wet has improved immensely. One thing i have noticed is the RPMs are ~200 rounds higher during highway cruising I'm not sure why since they are both the same size spec tires and the older ones had much less tread depth.
  13. nope dealership claimed the car is perfectly aligned.
  14. thanks for the replies. fish, i did play with the tire pressure. I used to be running 38psi front and 35psi rear. But i have noticed a pattern of busted shocks with high tire pressure. On my impreza i was running similar tire pressures and also had a shock die on me. This is why i went back to factory recommended - i used to never follow the recommended PSI. Now i only run them that high in summer time when i do spirited driving. My roads are mostly bad and covered in slush or icy patches. So right now im sticking to 34psi front and 33psi rear.
  15. i took it to dealer today and they blamed busted shocks. the car was in shop for 4 hours and had a front left shock replaced. again i did not see any difference. i guess it is how the car rides.