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  1. Will a 2008 Corolla remote be able to be programmed and work on a 2007 Corolla? The FCC ID are the same.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that! I'd be devestated if that happened to me. I think the amount that the insurance company will pay for you depends on your policy with them which could give you the KBB value or something less. As it sounds, you were not at fault for this accident, when the police filed a report did you bring this up and did another driver admit any fault? If you did not say you were not at fault, you should call up the police department that filed the report ASAP and explain this to them and try to get them to add it to the report. If another driver was at fault you should be able to get the remaining value of the car that your own insurance will not pay from their insurance. A lot of forums and websites I found suggest that they took the driver at fault to small claims court and got that driver's insurance company to pay for the difference. If they were entirely at fault maybe it's their insurance company that has to pay, I'm not sure. I'd recommend getting a second opinion as this has never happened to me but hopefully I was able to help.
  3. Hey everyone, I have a 2007 Corolla LE. Yesterday I was driving out of a downhill driveway and something was in the way of my brake pedal so I wasn't able to press it at all. Freaking out that I wouldn't be able to stop the car, I threw it into park to stop it (it's an automatic). Not only did that not stop it, but it started making a really bad clicking noise. Finally a few seconds later I realize to pull the e-brake and the car comes to a stop. The car was in park no more than 5 seconds and at that point probably was going at 5mph. After the car stopped there was a pretty bad gas/rubber smell, I'm wondering if the noise the whole way down means something is broken? I've driven the car for the past day and everything seems fine with the transmission and I tried parking on a hill without the e-brake and the parking pawl still works fine. Did the computer system stop the parking pawl from being fully engaged cause I was moving too fast? Do you think I broke something or should have it looked at? Thanks for helping me out, I really appreciate it.