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  1. I went to see the 2000 with 47K miles yesterday. Ran a CarFax on it and it is a one owner car and moved to an affluent neighborhood near me two years ago. The engine and tranny are great, clean, no sign of leaks. Body immaculate. Interior fantastic and no rips or tears. Drove it for over two hours. I noticed it had a slight pull to the right. Front end vibration on the highway at 65-70 mph which would stop when I veered into the right lane. Brakes have a grind feeling/sound as the vehicle is near stop. Front tires have probably illegal treadlife. Rear tires marginal. They had it listed at $5900. I offered $5300. They countered with $5455. The dealer 120 point inspection sheet indicated no pulling or vibration, so I told them their price was based on that and since it wasn't accurate, it should be compensated for in the price. They disagreed. They said they had an interested party waiting to see if I bought the car and he was waiting to test drive it if I didn't buy. I said Thanks Anyway; Good luck with the sale and went home. Two hours later they call and say they will accept $5300. Car is in my driveway. Thanks for the information provided on here. Now I get to read and explore this site more. I have two VW's which I have owned for 8 and 9 years which I do my own wrenching on. If not for message boards, I would not feel comfortable doing some of the repairs I have done--timing belt changes. I look forward to reading Corolland.
  2. All good to hear. The repairs you mention I don't mind. Powertrain reliability was my main concern. After reading your post, I may look at some with higher mileage on them. Most of the vehicles I find listed are with used car dealers so I imagine there's not much room to deal on price. However, I will try. Thanks for your input. Anybody else have two cents??
  3. Thank you. It's good to be here. Best place to learn about technical topics is from people who own the machine. Issues?? Such as? I am above average wrenching on cars, so I am not afraid of repairs. Are they major issues or minor low-cost issues?
  4. I'm looking for a vehicle for my 16 year old daughter. I am looking at a 2000 Prizm with 27K miles for $6,000 and a 2002 Prizm with 64K miles for $5,300. As far as reliability, are there any major differences between the two model years? Are they from the same generation? Were any powertrain changes made between the two years? Thanks for any opinions anyone has to offer.