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  1. Try leaving it on floor heat only. The fan runs when the compressor turns on to defrost your windows. Then the idle will increase until the compressor cycles off again. Now try turning on the air conditioning and see if you can recreate the problem. this is normal.
  2. This is for "replacement parts related to Excessive Engine Oil Consumption". Work will be performed in accordance with the applicable technical service bulletin.
  3. Just received a letter regarding extending warranty on 2008 scion with oil consumption. Regardless of mileage.
  4. Thanks guys. I'm waiting for him to check the fluid and add the correct amount. I did not clear his codes. One is pending one is current. And there is one that is stored. All the same code. Maybe if filling it corrects the problem and the light goes off, I'll clear the codes.
  5. He only drained the pan and he doesn't know how much he replaced it with. He checked it with the engine still off. I told him to check it with the engine running. And that it is probably low.
  6. My friend changed his transmission fluid and is now getting this code. He filled it up and checked it with the engine off. I think that would be under filled. Does the Level go down when checking the correct way with the engine running? Could over filling or under filling cause a p0741? It is a 2005 corolla automatic.
  7. If the car is off there is no oil pressure. If the filter is going to leak it will be more evident while the oil is flowing and under pressure. I have never replaced my original plug gasket and it has never leaked. I over tightened it only once and then 27 ft lbs thereafter. And by the way, I never use oil filter wrenches on my 9th generation cars. Just turn slowly by hand. As long as I don't over tighten more than 3/4 turn. Both on and off by hand quite easily. Removing the old filter requires a firm grip and very slow counter clockwise turning.
  8. Thank you. I thought I was the only one. Some day I might try to heat up the solder. In the meantime I'll have to buy a watch.
  9. Thanks. I never thought you would need to loosen anything. It looks like they went back to the old method of belt tension. They must have had too many problems with the spring and hydraulic tensioners.
  10. Hey man, better late than never right Now I see even more clearly that if the "ignition" is disabled unless the clutch was fully depressed, the car would die every time you tried to drive it! Exhaust Power Compression Intake. .. It's hard for me to visualize each stroke, not only in reverse order but also in the opposite direction. The Exhaust stroke would intake air through the open exhaust valve . A reverse power (up) stroke would compress that air with both sets of valves closed , Then back down for the decompression stroke. And up to blow air out of the intake valves. That doesn't sound too good for the engine. Then I forgot about backwards Valve Timing.
  11. Has Anyone ever had this problem? 2005 Corolla clock usually starts out bright, then gets dim. At night with the headlights on it's sometimes hard to see the clock. Then it gets bright for awhile and then dim. Intermittent brighter and dimmer, tapping on it has no effect.
  12. I changed my original thermostat at 225000 miles. My Guage will not be close to mid mark with the heat on high. Only on a long drive with the heat on low or off. My heater really cools down the engine. The new thermostat didn't help . I really miss driving big iron block v8s in the winter.
  13. Sorry Frank. I shouldn't make jokes on a serious topic on this forum.
  14. Yes . End caps. Kind of reminds me of spark plug valleys.