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  1. Depends on the nature of the work I'd think
  2. That's a lot of airbags, are they staging it out or doing it all at once?
  3. Dang, this is an old thread being resurrected.
  4. Dang, they sure load these things up with safety gear!
  5. There have bene a lot of slowdowns
  6. What's with the white background?
  7. If clearing the computer fixes it it probably is indeed a sensor of some sort. I would think a TPS and speed sensors are most likely, but if the speed sensor was wrong, you might see speedometer issues. Did you check the fluid level yourself? Did this start after a fluid change (thinking maybe the wrong fluid?)? You may want to try just cleaning the connectors for those sensors.
  8. You mean daytime running lights, right? I never understood why they didn't light the tail-lights and sidelights, too, just in case. Uses very little extra power to do that! but the real enemy, I suspect, is the always-backlight gauge cluster, which is unrelated to the daytime running lights.
  9. Aren't autonomous cars always going to be 20 years away? And the answer to a question nobody asked?