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  1. Depends on the nature of the work I'd think
  2. That's a lot of airbags, are they staging it out or doing it all at once?
  3. Dang, this is an old thread being resurrected.
  4. Those are hubcaps? I thought they were part of the wheel
  5. Dang, they sure load these things up with safety gear!
  6. There have bene a lot of slowdowns
  7. What's with the white background?
  8. If clearing the computer fixes it it probably is indeed a sensor of some sort. I would think a TPS and speed sensors are most likely, but if the speed sensor was wrong, you might see speedometer issues. Did you check the fluid level yourself? Did this start after a fluid change (thinking maybe the wrong fluid?)? You may want to try just cleaning the connectors for those sensors.
  9. You mean daytime running lights, right? I never understood why they didn't light the tail-lights and sidelights, too, just in case. Uses very little extra power to do that! but the real enemy, I suspect, is the always-backlight gauge cluster, which is unrelated to the daytime running lights.
  10. Aren't autonomous cars always going to be 20 years away? And the answer to a question nobody asked?