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New or take-offs? New are crazy expensive - dealer list is almost $500 a wheel! With my discounted price, they would still be around $260 and change, each. Still too rich for me, for that amount of money - you could get a very nice, light weight, forged aftermarket wheel.


Take-offs on the other hand, if you can find them, you can get a great deal. Take-offs are wheels that the car originally shipped with, on its way to the dealership. Sometimes, a customer will have a request to upgrade their wheels to a different size or go a completely different make (ie, upgrade to an aftermarket or go with a TRD upgraded wheel).


They generally don't put those wheels on another car on the lot - too much effort. So they just sit in inventory until they can off-load them to a 3rd party, like Tirerack (they have steel wheel take-offs).


If you are fortunate to time it just right - you could score a set + tires for a good deal. I did that with my original Matrix. Bought it with the standard 16" alloys, wanted to upgrade to the optional 17" - lists for over $300 each, for just the wheel. Found a take-off set at a nearby dealership with brand new Goodyear tires - $340 out the door for all 4! Later traded the tires for ones I wanted at a local Goodyear shop (credited me almost $100 a tire) - had that set on the car less than a month before it got rear-ended (total loss).

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Hell of a price, man

What about replicas on Ebay? You think they weigh the same? Would you recommend them at all?

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Yup - just hit that shop perfectly. Walked right in as the tires were pushed away on a cart.


Some knock-off wheels online are OK - but don't count on them being as good as some premium aftermarket wheels or even the Toyota heavy, cast OEM wheels. Though some knockoffs have been in the game so long, they are being copied now! A few of the knockoff companies are also meeting specific quality standards - like JWL standard and even the tougher European standards.


Example, the manufacturers ROTA and KONIG, started their businesses by copying premium wheel manufacturers like BBS, VOLK, MUGEN, RAYS, etc. Price wise, a ROTA GRID looks like a popular VOLK TE37, for almost 7 time LESS than the real thing ($150 a wheel for a ROTA vs $1000 retail for a single VOLK wheel).


Sometimes the weight of these copies are pretty extreme, as they are usually cast instead of forged like the genuine wheels. But for that much difference in price, most owners are more interested in aesthetics than performance or wheel strength. A forged 20"x11" VOLK runs about 23lbs, a 15"x7" VOLK is only about 7lbs - where as an equivalent knockoff would be almost double that weight.

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