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Maintenance Schedule

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I bought my 05 Corolla brand new. From day one I have been following the maintenance schedule that came with the car. Every time I hit a certain milage per the schedule I do what it says.

If you want to keep you car running good for a long time am I doing the right thing by following scheduled that came with car.

Also that schedule stops at 120k. What do you do after that start over.


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That is a pretty decent schedule. IMO, a way better schedule than the usual excessive / unneeded services that many dealerships puts out.


Like all things, may have to adjust it to specific conditions (ie, excessive high speed driving, towing, exceptionally dusty conditions, rough road driving, etc.). But for the majority of owners - the factory schedule is the best balance of maintenance and overall costs.


You should be able see the repeating maintenance pattern in that service book well before you hit that 120K mark - once the car's mileage/age runs past the end of the schedule, just repeat that same pattern and you'll be good to go.

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