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Transmission Upgrade 01 Corolla

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As long as the Celica GT-S hasn't been beat on - should be fine. The 2ZZ-GE were not known to be oil consumers - but if they weren't taken care of, they did have a reputation of grenading their oil pumps.


As for Scion tC vs Toyota Celica GT-S, depends on what generation tC and what you ultimately want from the car.


If it is the first gen tC (2004-2010) with the 2.4L 2AZ-FE engine - then it might actually consume more oil than your 8th gen Corolla's 1ZZ-FE. Those 2.4L engines were common on many Toyota platforms, and most have oil consumption issues. I have one in my 2009 Matrix XRS - started consuming oil at around 41K miles, but I've kept it in check with close oil monitoring.


If it was the 2nd generation 2.5L 2AZ-FE - then you should be fine (knock on wood). This is the same engine that is in my 2009 Rav4 - no signs of oil consumption and power/fuel economy is actually surprisingly good - routinely turning 35+ MPG on long road trips, in heavy DC metro traffic, I have consistently averaged 28-30MPG.


But these engines, though torqueier, don't hold a candle to how the power flows from the 2ZZ-GE. You'll have to drive them back to back to really see the difference. Only thing I can say about the two - Scion is a larger car, which can be good or bad, depending on your requirements.

Aftermarket support - both have pretty decent support compared to other Toyotas/Scions. Suspension, bolt-on mods, overall reliability - both are pretty much even, IMO. As for overall engine power - the 2ZZ-GE responds well to both naturally aspirated and forced induction engine mods, even simple bolt-ons can help out with power. The Scion engine responds just OK to bolt-ons, some actually can hurt power - but forced induction projects can really make this engine shine.


Stock for stock - the Celica is a the more capable car of the two. But since they have a strong following, they both are good choices for a project car - from simple to extreme.

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