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Car Shops In Japan

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Not sure what you are after - just trying to source possible places to order parts from? Are you in the US/Canada, Europe, Australia/NSW? Sure there are performance shops overseas - many do sell OEM, OEM replacements, and their branded performance parts. As for engine assemblies - they do have JDM distributors that sell used powertrains that come from outdated models/ones that no longer conform to emission standards. Those usually head to major port locations in NJ, TX, Cali, and HI where there are JDM distributors/wholesalers. Just keep in mind that the emissions setups between the JDM and USDM markets are significantly different. Cannot assume that you can similar swap over a JDM engine into a USDM car and expect it to work. In pre-OBD and OBD-I era engines this is feasible - now with ODB-II ISO and CAN interfaces - completely different ballgame.

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