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Guest sunzoe

Toyota Car Dvd Gps Navigation Fits For My Car Or Not

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Guest sunzoe

I have a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0 L,want to find a Car DVD gps navigation for my car,


I am about to buy one from the following link:




But I am not sure about the compatibility, I do not know if it fits for my car or not.


Any one can give me some advice on this?


Or if the item is good enough or not?


Thanks in advance


Great regards!

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Looks like one of those knock-off headunits. The dimensions listed would make it compatible with opening you have in the FJ - as this is a DD or Double-Din headunit.


The items that might turn me away from this, they don't explicitly say what maps are included with the headunit, only that it is "supported" by iGo and Route66 software. Supported does not equal it will "run". Also, the photo for the sample installation is photo-chopped. I understand simulated images on the unit itself, but the pic where they show it inside a Toyota vehicle, that was ripped straight from the 2009 Toyota Hilux review on Autoblog - http://www.autoblog.it/galleria/toyota-hilux-my2009/14 Pinout wise, it "looks" like it is OK, but hard to tell with the resolution of the pic, some of those connectors on the back are NOT used on Toyota vehicles, so take it as it is.


Feature wise - unbelieveable price for the feature set include. But you know what they say about that, "if it is too good to be true..."


My advice - not to buy this unit and get something else.

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