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95 Corolla Dx For Sale - Centreville, Va (near Washington Dc)

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Hey everyone, as the title says I'm looking to sell my 95 Corolla. I'm located in Centreville, VA (zip=20120), which is 20 miles west of Washington, DC.


The car is that champaigne/beige color (I'm not sure what its called), automatic, and has 125k on the clock. The reason that I'm selling the car is that I hit the rail of an entrance ramp going about 25 mph in November. I was going to fix it up, but decided that I'd rather use the opportunity to get a car that was a little sportier (Prelude). I have owned this car and used it as a DD for 2 years. It has been absolutely ideal for this. I'm sorry to see it go.


First the bad

The driver's side fender is dented pretty badly and needs to be replaced.

A corner of the bumper also broke off, so that needs to be replaced, as does the fender liner (black plastic in the wheel well). There is also a small dent in the apron (front corner of the frame). It is not too large, and I doubt that it is structurally significant, but it will probably prevent the bumper and fender from attaching properly if not repaired.

The car also has some other cosmetic body damage, including a ripped rear bumper from a previous fender bender (gotta love DC traffic), some paint scratching and small dents etc. from parking lots. The bumper is just ripped a bit at a corner and is still fully functional.

It needs a new battery and some air in the tires because its just been sitting around for a couple of months.

The hubcaps are fairly scraped up, but they are just hubcaps, drop $40 and you'll have a brand new pair.


Now the good

The engine is in great shape. The engine pulls much stronger than I thought it would when I bought it, especially after throwing on the short-ram intake (which you will get).

The transmission shifts perfectly.

No fluid leaks anywhere.

No smoking, overheating, electrical problems etc. of any kind.

The interior is in good shape with the exception of one glob of glue that got stuck on the rear seat during a move. I will try to get this off, but it never bothered me.

The car has never been smoked in.

All features work perfectly, including all power windows, locks, sunroof is perfect, etc.

Air blows cold, heater works very well.

The wheels and trunk were not damaged in either accident and everything works well.

Car will come with Kenwood KDC-MP228 CD/MP3 playing headunit (~11 hours of music on one CD!) and 4 Sony speakers. This setup sounds good (not audiophile, but definitely better than the stock system)

Tires still have a significant amount of tread left.

The car starts and is driveable. Mechanically, I would not hesitate to drive the car anywhere. However, I believe that this would technically be illegal until a bumper and fender are put on.

The car has treated me great for the entire time that I've owned it. I have not had to do a single major repair to get it to pass inspection, and it has never given me reason to question if anything was actually needed. Keep up on oil changes and routine maintenance and you'll be able to drive this thing forever.



I'm looking to get $1000k OBO (any offer will be considered). Even if you don't want to drive it, it would make a great donor car as every engine/mechanical part is in great condition. If you have any questions, please ask.

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