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Lack Of Traction In Snow

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My tires are at the correct cold pressure tire pressure because I looked in my glove box and it said the number I had it at. I had an NTB technician check the pressure and put air in the tires should they need it. He did.


He also claimed I had a leaking tire, which was false because it was due to the fact that I couldn't put a tight enough seal when trying to read my tire gauge (which is my fault).


My co-worker e-mailed her hubby to ask if I really do need snow tires, or if it's just how I drive. I have yet to get an answer. I will keep thinking about this since I know that would make me lose around $450 if I were to get snow tires and if it didn't improve my performance afterwards I would be seriously out of money and very unhappy...


But I did print out the picture and info of my BFGoodrich Precepts and they do say they are "all season tires", but I don't believe them. I just want to get snow tires if I need 'em and if I don't I want to get tires that work better in snowy conditions but aren't too pricey

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