Wtb: Trd Parts For 98-02 Corolla


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I'm looking for the following 98-02 Corolla TRD parts. New or used.

TRD trunk lid lip spoiler

TRD rear lower bumper spats

TRD side skirts

TRD exhaust

TRD lowering springs

If anyone out there has something text me at 818-331-0872




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Good luck - those body pieces are exceptionally hard to find. Same with the TRD alloys for this generation.

There was someone on the west coast? several years ago, that was trying to make duplicates from these parts. As far as I know - he built up molds, but not sure what happened after that. Rumor mill said that someone in Canada bought the molds to make parts up there, but haven't heard anything since then.

As for the bolt on stuff - unfortunately, I just sold my TRD exhaust and intake last Nov - still have springs, but they are on the car. Depending on what happens in the summer - those might come off.

Might be easier to find aftermarket variants of these bolt-ons - won't say TRD on them, but they were contracted to make them. TRD intake was a rebranded Injen CAI, TRD lowering springs were rebranded Eibach Pro springs, TRD exhaust is a custom Magnaflow sport exhaust.

I guy in Stockton, California made customer TRD spoiler parts for his Corolla. Videos can be found on YouTube. It's a blue 8th generation Corolla.

@fishexpo101 - thanks for the tips on intake and exhaust. I see they are still available online.


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