Vibration When In Reverse And Turning Left On 96


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Hi there

I've got a 96 toyota corolla as well. When i'm in idle i don't hear a noise, but when i switch into reverse both at a stand still and rolling backwards i get this hard vibration. It also can be heard when making left hand turns.I had experienced this (minus the left had turn noise) with my 89 corolla and it ended up being the first hanger past the flew pipe which was missing. But for this car i've replaced this hanger and the noise still continues. The only other problem i've noticed were that the front nuts connecting from the manifold to the pipe were very loose. I've had tighten them up and it has reduced the noise a little bit. Only other signs of distortion are a crack in the heat shield around the manifold. And that the shield is rusted around all the nuts holding it in place.

I believe either the

- gasket from the manifold to the pipe

- heat shield

- manifold needs

needs to be replaced.

The worst case i would guess is the engine mounts.

Any ideas




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If the bolts were that loose, you definitely might find all of those things on your list. I'd double check to see if the manifold is cracked or not - as this vintage of Corolla has a history of cracked exhaust manifolds. Loose connection from the exhaust manifold to the front pipe are fairly common, might look into replacing that exhaust "donut" there to help seal that section. Might help with the vibration you are experiencing.

Also check and see if your engine moves excessively when shifting to and out of gear - may be looking at worn mounts as well.



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thanks for the input. Just today i've brought it too a friend up the street. He had said that it could also be the tensioner for the timing belt. The last time i had it changed was at 118,000km and now the car is at 188,000. So i guess it's in the time line. And the noise does seem to be coming from where the timing belt is located.

As for checking the for a crack in the manifold. i Guess i would have to remove i think it's the four or five bolts that hold the shield around it and then do a visable inspection???

Thanks again


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