I Must Have! Rwd Toyota.


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They sometimes will still engineer that "hump" or "backbone" to help stiffen the chassis. Both my 8th gen Corolla and Matrix still have a hump in the rear seats. The exhaust sustem runs down the middle of the hump - helps clean up the bottom of the car, less bits hanging down to catch air, and mess up the flow under the car.
Also allows them to have a car lower to the ground without sacrificing ground to car clearances.
Only Corolla's don't sit low to the ground. If a Corvette can have duel exhaust that don't run with the drive shaft tunnel, I think a Toyota can.



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RWD all the way! The early Celica's fetch good cash nowadays. I can't remember the year but I owned one that had rounded fenders, factory Yellow and Black, louvers, etc. It had a slight Opel GT look to it and didn't lack power stock. RWD'S Were easy to work on, plenty of room, and all out fun in the snow! I believe if Toyota came out with a Sport RWD sales would fly. I think to many people got caught up with the FWD sales pitch of how well they did in the snow. Well save it for the states with bad snow. The salesman didn't tell us the NEW hourly rates associated with ALL of the FWD'S. Compare everything side by side. When getting estimates look at water pump RWD rate to FWD! A lot of us couldn't even fit our hands in a FWD to reach the nuts and bolts which then turned into new specialty tools for nearly everything. Tool boxes started getting heavy while repair costs went through the roof. I'm not totally against the FWD'S but wish they left us (the consumer), some RWD choices besides a Truck!

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