Dashboard (Instrument Panel) Lights



My 2010 Toyota Corolla's dashboard (instrument panel) lights suddenly stopped working.

I'm based in Nigeria but the car was imported from Canada (Canadian specs) and is equipped with Daytime running lights.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? and how was it resolved



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Here are some tips may be this will help you.

  1. Locate the knob or dial that controls the brightness of the dashboard lights. If the control is not immediately evident, check your owner's manual.
  2. Step 2 Make sure the brightness control is turned on. If it is and the lights aren't working, the problem may be a bad fuse.
  3. Step 3 Check the fuse that controls the dashboard lights . Replace the fuse if necessary.
  4. Step 4 Call your mechanic if neither of these steps fixes your problem.



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