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Got a 1996 corolla Dx and have big plans

By Drako363, December 30, 2019 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Hello all who see this! I am new to this forum but i was an active member of toyota nation forum previous. Since toyota nation has become pretty abandoned i figured corolland was my next best bet. I have plans to turn my corolla into a track monster, rear-wheel drive conversion and everything to boot (in due time) but i have been struggling to find any information on aftermarket parts, what is needed to do rear-disk conversions and what all i will need to set up a proper turbo-charged 7age hybrid motor in my car. So i come here for help in finding answers to all of these questions. I have no time limit and no budget limit. All responses are welcome!!! Thank you to everyone who helps in advance!!!

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