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replacing bushing in rear beam

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I do have 2007 corolla with 135K. I recently noticed that bushing on the driver side in rear beam is cracked. It definitely affects comfort of driving. I want to replace it but don't know exactly how big job it is. So any advice, picture or  just sharing experience will be very much appreciated. Also should the other  one  (passenger side)  be replaced at that time.


I didn't get any response so I will simplify my question. Do I have to remove entire axle beam to replace bushings? And how challenging it is? 

Using Google, I found some cool videos that may be helpful?



I've never done anything like you are asking, so apologies if this is not what you are looking for.

Thanks a lot except that my problem is with rear axle beam. But I may use this video in the future....

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Maybe those videos will inspire you to make your own YouTube video for rear axle beam. You may be the next YouTube star. If a 7-year old can make 22 million ...

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I am much more advanced that 7-year old and don't dream on any carrier. But seriously would like to know if this job is for DIY . So any constructive instruction or comments would be helpful.  I know that I can rent bushing press from AutoZone.