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1999 tail light relay

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Does anyone one know how to access this relay located on the back side of the fuse block behind the coin box?

Well got it loose and pulled the relay but replacing the relay did not fix the parking lights staying on with the switch and key off. Idk this car is turning into a pos. It was built in the US and I believe quality is inferior. I guess I will either rig a toggle switch to the 15amp fuse or pull the terminal every drive. What junk! Diagnosing this would cost $$$ and throwing parts at it cost $$$

Oh yeah, I've read too many reports of this similar problem....I think a recall would have been nice or some support to get to the root of it. I guess no one here has ever figured it out. I may try a multifunction switch from a boneyard next.

Screw that idea it's most likely worn,  I guess I need to come into this century of throw away everything world. This is the result when Toyota and Chevrolet get into bed together, they should have renamed the company to "Toilet"