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2001 Toyota Corolla Head Lights Go Out All Of A Sudden!

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Around 230am, Me and my friend are on our way home and all of a sudden, my cars headlights turn off! First time this has ever happened. I looked thru the manual and found out that there's a sensor located on the driver side dash, closer to the windshield. That sensor is called the Daytime Running Light Control Sensor and you can't put anything on top of it. My friend was driving my car (I was too tired) and had his wallet and tobacco chew container on the dashboard (cuz that's where he puts his stuff on his truck). Has this ever happened to anybody? If so, how did u get it fixed, how much did it cost, or is it even fixable? This is the only car I have to drive to work and I don't have the money to buy another one right now. I could really use someone's help, advice, suggestions. Thank u


You could just bypass it by using the manual control. I don't recall any Toyotas being sold without regular on and off positions in addition to auto. I never use automatic anyway, it tends to go on and off as I pass under overpasses.

I found this video by searching Google web site ...



Seems like it might be handy?


Nice find! I'd think that would solve it.

At least you can resort to manual lights. I never liked headlights automatically going on when in "D", as I would often forget to turn on my lights later when it got dark. I would then be driving at night with no tail lights. Very dangerous legislation when they made driving lights mandatory (IMHO).

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You mean daytime running lights, right? I never understood why they didn't light the tail-lights and sidelights, too, just in case. Uses very little extra power to do that! but the real enemy, I suspect, is the always-backlight gauge cluster, which is unrelated to the daytime running lights.

Yes, the daytime running lights. When you turn on your headlights, they are slightly brighter. Without headlights on, they are bright enough to fool you.

Thank U all for your help. I found out that it was a fuse relay. I replaced it and my lights work even better now

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Terrific! Thanks for letting us all know!

Thanks for the follow-up.