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Flat Spots After Hard Breaking

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I hit my break very hard, wheels were locked and in result I have flat spots on the tire. After that incident I had very distinctive knocking coming from the front wheels. I moved them to the back, it was better but still very noticeable. I had relatively new new tires from Costco so I talked to them, they re-balanced the affected tires and told me, that with time it should even up. It is now roughly 3000 miles with new balance and in my perception is not better and rather worse.

Should I be more patient and drive more, or ask for re balancing again?

I heard that tire thread can be shaved to match? If yes, who is doing that? Or should I just replace the tires (there is still at least 2/16" of the thread at the flat spot). Any help will be very appreciated.


I had that issue on my other car, where the tire dealership said my tires "were out of round", meaning they were not round anymore. They tried to rebalance and rotating, but it did not get any better. That was my excuse to get new rims and tires. Sorry, I wish I could be of more help.