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By dominonin, September 24, 2017


I've looked around here for some time about the possible causes of loud 1ZZ-FEs. I've heard that they are by nature, pretty loud. I've read about a rattle that could be fixed by replacing the timing chain tensioner or the serpentine belt tensioner. Even exhaust rattles from heat shields could cause a rattle, or even a bad water pump to a degree. I'm pretty stumped on this one though. Maybe someone has a really good idea of somewhere else to look. This car has a pretty loud engine. It sounds fine, but it sound slightly off, like air is slipping in somewhere that it shouldn't combined with a rattle that sounds like a chain or something tinny. The car has 173k on it, maintenance interval is sort of unknown since I got it secondhand. I did have low oil pressure for a little in the past, but I turned it off and found out it was a backed up oil pickup tube because once I cleaned it out, it never happened again.

The things I have done engine-side so far are:

- Spark Plug replace (gapped)

- Crank pulley replace

- Timing chain tensioner replace (OEM)

The car starts fine, is really ticky on start up and once it warms up it slows down. I have a video playlist that can be found here:


It has some when it first starts up to when it warms up. It still sounds weird if you listen closely. Like a whistle sound with a rattle coming from somewhere on the side. The car itself seems to run fine. No misfire check engine light, only a p0441 for evap, which means I will have to test by removing it from the canister. I've used a stethoscope and the chain sounds really loud on the inside, buzzy, but I removed the valve cover and it wasn't really loose. When I cranked it over by hand with the cover off slack happened in the chain, but I think it was because there was no oil pressure. I even removed the serpentine belt and started the car and it sounded similar.

I guess, is this noise pretty typical for these engines? I feel like I've heard quieter from these.

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Sounds like a miniature jack hammer. Valves need service? Just a guess.

I am Sorry. I wish I was right next to you. It would be so much easier. Did you have any luck finding the issue?

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Can you get it up on jack stands? Then do video again from underneath car?

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I think you need new piston rod bearings. Look at this YouTube video:


I think it sounds like your car.

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