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By autotech2612, June 19, 2017

Last night we had a large amount of rain in just a span of fifteen minutes.

I drove over a lot of water in the road. So much, it pushed my splash shield under the alternator out of the way.

I have always -- like the majority of us -- had the EVAP codes.

Car was sputtering after the water last night.

Left the garage door open, opened the hood and went to bed.

Woke up at 4:00 p.m. to drive and it was misfiring badly. Stopped and scanned and a pending code has cylinder three misfire. During the misfiring on the highway, the CEL was blinking.

After scanning, I filled the fuel tank (I had 1/4 tank left after all that rain)

On the way home, it smoothed out noticeably. So, I went on to drive 1 1/2 hours straight highway to my current destination this evening. On the highway at 55, on the way to my destination this evening, no hiccups -- until I merged to the off-ramp, went to re-accelerate in third gear and the sputtering is back.

It is my intention, arriving back home tomorrow, to remove the coil packs and take the plugs out to inspect. My thought is water mixed in with the fuel due to the EVAP leaks.

Also tonight, arriving at my destination, I noticed that my car is not holding consistently on a small grade (stick shift) while in first or any gear. It started moving a little. Backed up, turned car off, put the car in second and it still moved a little. Ended up engaging the parking brake. Why did this start after all that rain?

I will watch this topic periodically...

Good news:

Removed the coil pack closest to the battery and upon removal, water was dripping from it. Bingo.

Removed the coil pack next to it, also some water, but not nearly as much as the first one removed (cylinder #3)

The factory O-ring / seal on the coil pack closest to the battery was torn.

Used an air compressor to dissipate moisture.

Removed all coil packs. Put in a set I had (Denso) from a Vibe

Used a wire brush on the Denso Iridium plugs -- amazingly no carbon build-up and no oily plugs.

Reinstalled the plugs, installed the "new" coil packs.

Back to normal...

Awesome! Great to hear you got this resolved - must have been a truck load of water on the roads to soak a coil pack like that.

Awesome! Great to hear you got this resolved - must have been a truck load of water on the roads to soak a coil pack like that.
Fish, what I don't understand is how water got in there. Coil packs are at the top. I have a hood. With the hood up, there was no water anywhere. I drove through deep water to get that result.


Just glad it's not engine damage...

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