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How Long You Keep Corolla In Rust Belt? ?

by bhp02, October 28, 2016

I live in the great white long you guys keep your rides until it makes no sense financially due to costs of repair? ?


I keep my cars for longer than most and I have had them for 12 years. I do most of the repairs myself. have a 90s corolla? ??

any rust? ?

I think Bike is in California - little different environmental situation than what you see up in Canada, where cars start rusting as soon as you drive away from the dealership.

I have an 04 corolla and live by the ocean in Ns and we have lots of salt on the roads in winter the PO didn't undercoat it but I have Been. She not too bad I did just recently fix a rust hole in the rear fender it's a common spot for rust to develop. I'm thinking I can get a couple more years before the rust starts taking over. The corolla has a high rust resistance my wife had a 2010 focus which was undercoated and the hood lip was rusted through in 5 years.

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