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Here I Go Again With Noise From Exhaust....

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I had a 600$ exhaust, I think it was walker....

2.5 years ago, now its making sounds again.

Before that, I went real cheapo place twice, each time that would last 2 years...

I am fed up, will go to dealership and have them install their after market brand...

I am truly dissappointed the corollas go through mufflers like an oil filter...


Can you at least inspect it to see where it's leaking?


honest dealership...last time in...the outer layer of the exhaust..I forgot which...I did check....they just cut it off and charged me nothing...saying no need for repair..


it's leaking in 2 places.. including the manifold...entire system replace is 1800 advised to goto muffler shop and patch....not worth to spend to replace entire system on old car..


I'm going back to the cheapo place..and let them patch will be 15 yrs next apri


so I replaced everything from catalytic converter to tail pipe...not including the manifold..coat 700 the cheapo place ....labor was 75 and parts 600