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Position Light Indicator

By Dan{T.O.O}, September 26, 2016


I was wondering if there is a automatic gear shifter light bulb on 2003 corolla? I bought the car new and there was no light under the shifter. I remember being disappointed but assumed that it was normal that there wasn't any position indicator lamp. The reason I ask is that I just watched a video on changing the light bulb and it included the years 2003-2008. I'll be more disappointed in myself if I have been driving almost 14 years without the light knowing now it was just a bad bulb.(j/k). thanks

There should be a light under there, likely a 194 bulb, I suggest getting a 194LL (long life) for replacement since it takes some work to get to it. However if you're used to it being dark down there you might find it to be distracting, my old 93 bulb burned out after I got rear ended and I never replaced it, my Celica shift console isn't lit but my Mazda is and honestly now I find it kind of distracting having a lit shift console...but I don't want to go through all the work to take the bulb out or make it dimmer. You could also try a 168 bulb which is dimmer than a 194 if you find the 194 distracting or fit some kind of bulb cap or light filter over the bulb.

Your 2003 Corolla does in fact have a shift lever position indicator lamp bulb listed as original equipment... Toyota Part # 90981-11036. It is rated at 1.7 Watt which is much dimmer than 168 (4.9 Watt), 194 (3.78 Watt), or 158 (3.36 Watt) T3-1/4 glass wedge bulbs.

1112 bulb 1.2 Watt (1,000 hour)

161 bulb 2.66 Watt (4,000 hour)

161 Long Life = 161LL (Phillips 161LLB2 = pack of 2),161,instrument+panel+light+bulb,11730

Great information! I suspected it was dimmer than a 194 but I couldn't figure out what the bulb number should be.

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