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Doug B

I have a 2013 S model that has type D audio system display. Is there a way to get GPS on it ?

Assuming when you say GPS - you mean as in visual turn-by-turn navigation setup.

Audio Type D: That is the one with just AM/FM CD player/CD changer with MP3/WMA playback capability - not the touchscreen one?

If that is the case, then no - you cannot get GPS to it - have to either opt for a stand-alone unit (smart phone, Garmin, TomTom, etc.) or yank the existing head-unit and replace with an aftermarket one.

Honestly - I have the Toyota factory Navi units in my 2009 Matrix XRS and the 2016 Rav4. Both are pretty clunky and not as flexible as something like Waze app on an Android or IOS device or NAVIGON on a Windows phone. Updated maps on those factory units are not as easy to come by or even cheap, in the case of the Matrix ($400 for an updated map DVD at the dealership). Plus, the real-time traffic updates like the smartphone apps and stand-alone units tend to outpace the factory ones. Only benefit I've seen is with the screens is when it is coupled with the OEM backup camera.

Doug B

fishexpo101 - thanks for responding. I do have a touchscreen. Does it have the capability to get GPS thru it? I can't find a way to do it. Maybe you or someone else can give me an idea?

If it is the touchscreen with Entune capability - you can get ScoutGPS to run through it. Sort of a hokey variant of GPS - works OK, better than nothing, but the standalone and even the smartphone variants are far more responsive / route better than the ScoutGPS version.