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Air Bag Seat Sensors

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I have a 03 corolla s that i upgraded with seats from an 05 XRS. I wanted to know if the 05 seat positioning sensor is compatible with the 03 airbag computers.

The 03 seat has a sensor attached to the seat bottom and a bent bit of metal to tell the 2 stage air bag where the seat is. Problem being there is no where to mount this sensor and bit of metal on the XRS seat. The 05 has a different sensor in a different location.

So the question is can i connect the 05 sensor to the 03 wiring harness and will it communicate to each other properly.

It tried looking this up in some of my resources - couldn't turn anything up. Because of the difference in the sensors and especially their orientation - I'd be worried that even if they fitted physically, the airbag deployment threshold could be compromised (either won't fire or fire after the first speed bump you hit).

You'd need to get access to a Techstream tool to query the sensor / SRS system - might give you more information / direction. Can always ask one of the master techs at the dealership to help - couldn't hurt to ask them.