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Power Is Reducing In Corolla

By doylemoreno, June 7, 2016

I had a problem of engine overheat. 2 weeks back I got it resolved from one auto repair and service in Edmonton. That was due to some issues in head gasket. The vehicle is fine now. I would like to know one thing from Corolla owners. Have you ever felt like the power is reducing when the AC is on? It is not a serious one. even though I would like to know about it.

That's pretty common on any smaller displacement engine. On something like this Corolla - not uncommon for the A/C to consume 20%-25% of the available engine power.

The engine overheat from a potential headgasket issue - that is another matter. Really depends on which model year Corolla you have - if it is something like the 8th gen or newer (1998+ model years) - only takes on good overheat to warp the head.

By design, the cylinder head cannot be "decked" or machined to remove any warping - it has to be replaced. If you saw the temperature gauge spike and immediately shutdown the engine - your probably fine. Just keep an eye on oil and coolant levels, make sure the temperature doesn't rise above the 1/2 way point on the temp gauge.

Note that a blown headgasket is not a known issue with the 8th gen + Corollas with the 1.8L engine, but was a potential issue with the 2.4L engine. The corporate 2.4L engine was used in a number of different models - some owners had the head bolts loosen over time, causing a blown head gasket. The 1.8L by comparison, had much stronger attachment between the head and block - so only way it would get damaged was from outside sources (improper coolant, loss of coolant, consistently low oil levels, bad water pump, damaged radiator, etc.)

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