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By Bitter, April 3, 2016

Anyone else have one? I picked this one after seeing some great night and day footage, mostly the night footage impressed the heck out of me. Very clear and easy to see what's going on. I had some points on Amazon so that softened the blow a little bit, still a little pricey but the image quality is amazing.


The viewing angle is less but the image is much clearer at all times and it doesn't have a battery inside to fail.

Nice! Hopefully it will look as good as that in person. Always entertained the idea of getting a dashcam - especially in the DC Metro area - people seriously cannot drive.

I need the circular polarizing filter for it, but you get the idea. Seems like good video, audio could be better but that's not it's purpose. I think I'll put a little bit of cloth over the mic pick up maybe to attenuate it's tendency to warble at higher volume sounds.

That looks awesome! Video is nice and clear - has a pretty decent FOV. Yeah, a polarizing filter on it to cut the glare and that will be golden.

Definitely putting that on the top of my wishlist - as I've been researching other dash cams / bullet cams. Plus, definitely be a lot less conspicuous than the GoPro that is hanging off a suction cup mount now (about 1/2 way down the windshield, plus the GoPro has some "quirks" that make it maddening to use).

Yea, I used it to check that I didn't turn out in front of that red SUV, they weren't even there when I stopped, they started to go when I was mid turn and I didn't even see them pulling out until they were almost on my rear door there. I started wondering if I had done something wrong at that stop and hadn't seen them or something, nope they just can't drive. Almost had a NICOR (gas utility) truck turn a circle in a parking lot into me this morning too.

That shoulder always dips there and grabs me if I haven't driven that road in a while, bonus they cut down the stand of trees I used as my land mark so I was caught off guard by it...again!

Night quality! Amazing how tunnel like it looks when I'm out from the city lights, I think the position high up makes it seem worse than it is.

It stops from 80-0 like most cars stop from 40-0.

Awesome, gotta love the sound when you hit "lift" in the 2ZZ-GE. Still waiting for a good deal on a 2ZZ-GE powered project car.

Video quality at night is surprisingly good. You get pretty decent image quality without those street lamps oversaturating the video. Vinetting of the lense is also decent, for that price range. Lot better than my Nest camera, that I'm current messing with, and I think it has less FOV that your dash camera!

I just got and popped on the polarizing filter tonight, I'll get some day video tomorrow and see how it does with that and at some point some night video with it too. It should kill about 90% of the dash glare in the day or night.

That's a nice one. Do you have any other recommendations besides the dashcam you've used? I figured there's a lot of models released after you bought yours.

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I want to get this one reviewed on youtube:


It is also mentioned on the youtubers web site:

I currently have a Cobra (CDR 840), which I really dislike, as you must empty the SD card. It is supposed to be in continuous loop, but all I see after it is full is warning that SD card is full!


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