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No More Beeper, Cadillac 4 Note Horn Swap

by K_Watson, April 2, 2016


I just finished a day project of swapping the 4 note horns off of a 1992 Cadillac Sedan Deville into my 2012 Corolla S.

No drilling or electrical modifications were necessary to make this work; the factory horn was removed, a custom mount built, horns wired, and the factory horn pigtail plugged directly into the trigger side of a standard relay.

The horns are mostly hidden behind the crash bar and condenser, the bumper hides the rest.

Pictures of the horns and mount will come after I take them off for paint.

I don't have a video of before; go outside and honk your own horn if you want to hear that awful noise.

Here is the after...


Nice! Yeah, those older GM horns are pretty loud. Good to hear that they can be installed without much issue - thanks for sharing!

That's awesome sounding! I did a big air horn on my Celica (tankless compressor) and it's loud, sounds like a big truck, but that Delco 4 note has a special place in my heart and puts special brown stains in many underpants.

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