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Alternator Rebuild

By Burned, February 6, 2016

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Anyone here done an alternator rebuild? I am wondering where you get the brushes, bearings,---etc?

I like to fix things rather than toss and replace.

Much like done here:



Depends on what happened to the alternator - what actually caused it to fail in the first place. If this is for a preventative maintenence thing - not necessary to do a rebuild. More often than not, you might "shorten" the life of the accessory, if you try and rebuild it before its time is up. If the altenator completely failed, then that is a different matter.

As long as it is not the windings or mechanical bits - you may be able to rebuild it. If windings got damaged or the bearings are shot, damaged case, etc. - it is a paperweight, as rebuilding that would cost more than buying a reman one.

Also depends on the make of hte alternator - some are rebuildable, some are not. If it is a DENSO made alternator - you are in luck, that is one of the rebuildable types. Should be able to find parts online or have the dealership order them for you. Just do a web search to find one that works best for you. I've ordered rebuild parts from dealership, RockAuto, NAPA, even Amazon.

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