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Peeling Clear Coat On Roof- 2002 Corolla Le

By DaBuzz, December 26, 2015

I am the original owner, 2002 Corolla LE... 150,000 miles...noticed about a year ago small patch of peeling clear coat on the roof of my car, it's grown to 3 good size patches on the roof and on outside rear view mirrors. Has anyone else experienced this? What is a good solution to slow it down or to stop it ? It is a shame because otherwise it is a perfect car, runs really well.

I realize it is an older car but would like to keep it a while longer.

Thanks in advance.

Is the car garaged outside? Possibly under a tree or in an open car port? Live in an area that gets a significant amount of sun / heat / marine environment?

Unfortunately, not a whole lot you can do about that. Two things working against you - starting in the late 90's to 2000 - federal regs mandated the use of low VOC paints for automobiles. The good thing were that they were easier to paint, lower toxicity than the old paint - the bad, they don't "stick" and cure as hard as the older paints and can peel off in a heartbeat. The second - they use less paint than they used to - they can use a lot less paint and still look visually OK.

You can try and polish out that area and seal with a good quality sealant / wax to protect that area. But since it already started to peel away, nothing short of repainting that will stop it from getting worse.

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