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Location Of 2015 Corolla Oil Filter

By BradWallace, August 9, 2015

I have 4444 miles on Corolla... Looked under hood, did not see filter... Are they under motor?


Those use the new cartridge filters, not the usual spin-on types. Oil filter is inside a special housing, attached to the bottom corner of the engine, infront of the oil pan. They are easiest to see from under the car, might have to remove some of the underbody splash shields to get to it. They have flutes like a spin-on filter - you'd definitely find it once you see it.

Those are held on pretty securely - most owners that do their own oil changes, end up needing a specific oil filter wrench to take those housings off. The generic cup type oil filter wrenches aren't strong enough to take them off. I've already broken two of those - ended up getting an Assenmacher TOY 640 oil filter wrench - can get those online relatively inexpensively, at least compare to the Toyota SST prices.

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