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1999 Hazard Switch With 8 Pins?

by greenmonitor, July 19, 2015

hi out there, please any info on my conumdrum..... i have failed my car test here in ireland on my left tell tale indicator light on my dash not lighting when using both signal stalk/switch and hazard switch. it is not the clock cluster, it isnt the relays or the signal switch... my research so far indicats a fault with the hazard switch so i go to the breakersto discover that my switch has only 8 pins all theres have 9.. i check other breakers yards then also the net... ALL 9PINS! i check my wire harness for modifications looks fine 8 wires no snipped one etc.i cannot find an 8pin one even from the same year car... help is needed as it needs retesting soon or will be illegal on the road and heading for the scrapyard which is crazy as its perfect all round....

That is pretty unusual - do you know where the car was manufacturer (factory code?) Usually have to decode that information from the car's VIN.

Possible that you got another market car, or had the back luck of getting your hands on an improperly repaired one.

Couple of questions:

- did the tail lamp work properly before?

- tried swapping the rear tail lights, to rule out a bad bulb?

- any signs of corrosion in the bulb socket / noticed any condensation inside the lamp housing?

- possible that there is wiring damage to the socket itself, might have to trace back the wiring from the lamp assembly to the main integration relay inside the cabin.

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