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2003 Corolla Code 1349

by suggez, May 21, 2015

Hi, well I had head bored out, put new timing chain, vvt spocket, water pump and oil pump in as might as well while everything off.

But I keep getting a 1349 code. Clean filter, ocv is pumping. I am just stumped. Engine runs great. Great pickup. No pinging. Does any one have a suggestion(s) to go from here.


Need a bit more info:

What do you mean by, "head bored out?" You mean the head was just cleaned up really well, did you shave down the head, opened up the combustion chamber bowls, port matched the head, etc.?

Any other codes along with the P01349 code? Verified that the timing was set right when you changed the chain? Reset the VVT sprocket per FSM directions? Have you put a data logging scantool to make sure the timing is changed (intake overlap) depending on engine load and speed?

P01349 is a pretty straightforward DTC, it only gets set if the timing does NOT change when the ECM expects it to be, or if the timing appears to be fixed. Car will still run pretty well if the timing is fixed, so hard to tell VVT-I operation just by driving it - need to put a scan tool on it. Could be an issue with the OCV (solenoid could be moving, but not enough), bad ECM (wiring issue, missing chassis ground or RF noise suppressor, etc.), or could be a chunk of debris got caught inside the VVT vane inside the sprocket, or if it got "locked" in the wrong position during reassembly.

Yes took it to a shop and they fixed a warp head and did clean it real well. A bunch of other crap. I am a woman dont care

as long as they did it right. Which they have in the past.

There are no other codes.

Well gonna take out vvt and see if it is locked. A gentleman that works for my son says it might be the cause. What the hell.

OCV came in a little high on amp range, so cant think that would be the problem.

So out of all your questions. I go with "Locked" in the wrong position during reassebly. Did not know it was a hidden tech. info.

Thank you for your help.

No worries. A VVT actuator that hasn't been reset after the top end of engine has been pulled off is a pretty common occurrence. Not typical for other variable valve timed engines - just specific to the VVT system on Toyotas.

Also as a note, on these 1ZZ-FE engines, if the head is warped enough to be out of spec - it cannot be "fixed" the usual way, i.e. machine/shave the head flat again. In those cases, the head has to be replaced, as indicated per the FSM (Factory Service Manual).

Warping of the head is also very unusual for the 1ZZ-FE unless the car experienced an overheat condition at some point in its life. If this was an early 1ZZ-FE engine, then I might say it is possible - but being a 9th gen Corolla - pretty unlikely it would be warped from normal use.

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