Automatic Trans Question

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today, by accident, while going 40 km per hour, I knocked it into N from D,

withoug pushing the button, I noticed that this is fairly easy to do...

from D to N, its easy, too easy, is this normal ??

I noticed from N to P, its locked and cannot go in while in motion...

And is it safe to push it back into D from N, which I did while car was going

with the traffic ??

Is this normal operation ??

Perfectly normal - you are good to go.

Now dropping into D from N, depends on the revs, might notice a slight shock as it engages drive. But from D to N, supposed to be easy as there is little chance of engine powertrain damage.

Though inadvertent engagement could be problematic (merging with traffic, entering an intersection, etc.) - so lots of the newer cars have gated shifters to prevent it from easily sliding out of drive.

I heard it was deliberately made that way. If your brakes fail then you can bang it into N and then apply the hand brakes to slow down to a stop... don't know if that's true or not.

In that case, it would probably be better to leave it in gear, or downshift, for the engine braking.