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1999 Toyota Corolla, No Start

By frankbuff, April 23, 2015

1998 corolla alarm wont shut off car wont start (dead) battery good.

Need a bit more information.

Is this the factory installed alarm system or aftermarket alarm system? If aftermarket, what brand of system is it? Was it professionally installed or self-installed / DIY?

When did this no start issue / alarm stuck on situation start? Anything happened around that time, recent repair, new electrical work, etc.?

How did you determine that the battery was still good, did you get the battery properly load test or just checked the voltage? How old is the battery that is the in car right now?

1998 toyota corolla two days ago the alarm went on on its own and won't respond to remote controll (i have two remote controlls)engine won't start,I checked all 4 doors switches and trunk they are good,under the dash i located the receving unit with antenna and two fuses ,one of the fuse turned the alarm off but engine won't start.Does anyone know how to disable the alarm, or fix this problem?so i can get the car to start?.THANK YOU

dealer installed,i located the receiving unit under the dash ser # sn030070700017 doc/mdc 342 k1059 there is n name on box which is about 5 inches by 3, 9 wires coming out with two fuses, an antenna i removed one of the fuses alarm went off car won't start,it's not receiving the message from the remote controll.I just want to disable this thing more trouble than it's worth first i need to get the car to start .

The description of the box doesn't sounds familiar. Possible it is an aftermarket that is factory installed, or one that is region specific that I don't recognize of the top of my head. Regardless, many of these alarm systems generally have a built-in starter kill along with the audible alarm.

If the alarm system is disabled or defeated, the corresponding connection to the ignition will also be electrically cut off from the switch. Trying to verify this depends on how the system is wired. But atleast with this generation - the key is not "chipped" - as that would lead to more diagnostic headaches.

Permanently disabling this could be easy or a nightmare - all depending on how the dealership installed it. I know in my area, dealerships will actually contract this work out to other shops and still be considered "dealership" installed. Some installers are pretty variable in their skill - some just use the stock wiring from the install kit, some clever ones will add in honey pot wiring (fake wires stuck in the main wiring run) to throw-off wire tracing. Hopefully, yours is the easier case.

The alarm going off on its own is telling - could be a short in the electrical system running to the "brains" of the system or one of the sensors (depending on the series, glass breakage, door open, etc. sensors) is going bad.

Assuming you checked the battery in the remote. If the battery in the car is more than 5 years old, good chance that under load, the battery will not have enough reserve power to properly keep electronics happy. Most alarms will have a minimum voltage threshold - if the main battery dies, they fall into a lockdown mode.

Even with a new battery - they will still be locked down. Many boxes have an external pushbutton to "reset" the alarm system. Unfortunately, that precise location varies according to the installer's personal preference. Could be under the dash, near the steering column. Could be in the glove box, could in the center console, even in the trunk. This is sounding like what you are experiencing.

My Camry had a system that did something similar, took me the better part of the day to trace back some wiring to a hidden momentary switch. Once that was toggled, system was good to go.

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