Control Arm Bushings

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I need to replace the control arm bushings on my 99 prizm. Which is a good brand? Roca?

Just the bushing or the whole arm?

Haven't run into too many brands out there for replacement bushings, so whatever you can get your hands on, probably is OK.

I've heard of that brand from trolling the Club Lexus forums - they seem to be well received on that site.

Every time I break hard, making the tires skid, I can hear and fell a jerk from the left front side. As if something rocks forward around the wheel. Also, when I slow down from anything above 50 mph,

when pressing the brakes, theres major vibration. My tires are good, balance and aligned. My rotors and brake pads are good. Can this be a sign of a control arm

bushing or motor mount?

Yes, it could absolutely be a bad front control arm rear bushing.. Check both your driver and passenger side front suspensions' control arm rear bushing for ripping or unbonding by prying it up and down with crowbar and with front end jacked up and wheel removed.

I just bought the moog RK80336, entire control arm for $37 instead of the Roca bushings + shipping = $38

That's good. Are you replacing it yourself? Front lateral bolt could be very hard to remove. Try spraying some penetrating fluid on its threads through chassis openings first. You're replacing only the driver's side control arm?

I just bought the driver side and I'm doing it myself. Hopefully when I put it on, the issue would be fixed.

I installed the driver side control arm but still the sam issue. I guess it might be on the passenger front side.

How did those bushing look like on the driver's side? Were they dry rotted / damaged? Possible that it could get better when you replace the passenger side as well. Sometimes its really difficult to judge a bushing's condition until you get it unbolted from the chassis/part.

Could be movement in a number of interconnected components - bad hub, worn wheel bearing, slop in steering rack, worn tie-rods, worn bushings, worn engine and transaxle mounts, bad lower ball joint, worn strut mount, corrosion compromising the unitbody (cracks, broken spot welds, rust perforation), etc.

I give up. Like you said, its pretty hard to pin point the malfunctioning part. I LL just leave how it is.