Knock Or Normal?

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1998 Prizm

Has been making this noise for a while... not sure how long, but a few years at least, doesn't get better, or worse... but sounds worse when engine cold, awful when ambient temperature is under 50 and engine is cold, and lasts until it gets warm.

Rod knock, or normal 1zz-fe noise?

@ 18 seconds is loudest... engine hot, recent name brand synthetic oil change w/ Bosch filter @ correct level, in drive, brake on


Yup, mine does that as well. Sounds like a combination of rod knock and timing chain slap. Pretty normal for these 1ZZ-FE engines. Where it becomes a problem is when it does this ALL the time, engine hot and cold.

At that point, only a rebuild will quiet it down. Engine will still run pretty happily with all that noise, just makes it unpleasant for the driver and passengers.