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Help Code P0328 Corolla 2008

By MANNY, October 4, 2014

Hello friend I had one as problem with my corolla will 2008 happen to be me damage the evaporator of the air, for bring it to a repair center to change after change appeared check on with the code p0328 (knock sensor) checked everything and supposedly everything in order, then I decide to take it to another specialist place toyota-lexus as they searched all sides and found nothing but decided to replace the knock sensor with a new one, all the code was still normal because he decided technician pulling a direct line from computer to the knock sensor to see if it was the problem of the circuit was open, and followed the code on lights it for now, I give you first see it on, after two or three ti ignition is turned off and not come back on until the car is cold, it is intermittent, the cable did the technician did complete including the plugs to see if the line was fine and as usual, the computer is determined that, because according to the manufacturer's manual followed all the steps

* knock sensor replacement

* Check all wiring was fine including making a new one to test and followed the check

told me it's the ecu it is clear that my computer is within the recall and the country I live in Dominican Republic I are going to replace the 22nd is coming from United States already checked everything and I are going to replace for free but I I doubt it because whenever the computer is the ecu gives other code that does not look like that, could someone give me some clue to its successor.

thank you

Sounds like you go lucky and got the ECM covered under the recall (2005-2008 model year Corollas) - most of the owners that got a replacement ECM noted that the newer ECM should say Denso on it, the faulty ECMs were mostly Delphi units. But that is not always 100% of the case - as the changes are inside the ECM module. As long as you can verify that the ECM was replaced, should be OK.

Hi no replaced the ecm i have appoiment to 22 for change the dealer is wait the ecu.... but i dont knows can solve the problems or knock sensor p0328

i change the knock sensor

check de harness and wire

and the code is intermitent...

made a direct line from the ecu to the sensor to see if any cable and nothing had opened the carriage Buy it few months ago and I SAID WHEN saw that my mechanic was horizontally Since the sensor is not whether it affects Something ...

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