Floor Jack

Here is your Toyota car information!

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I like it .

It could lift 2 and a half to three corollas. But someday you might want to use it on an f350 .

It would be nice if you could try it first to see if it meets your needs.and if it's comfortable to use.

That looks like a good price for a 4 ton jack.

Not bad - pretty heavy floor jack. A non-issue, as long as your garage floor is level. If there is any grade - that could be a nightmare to setup under the car, as the jack will hard to position.

As for the brand - haven't use that particular brand of floor jack. But I have used that brand of tools, Pittsburg Automotive. Nothing fancy, just a set of t-handled allen wrenches. Not the best quality, but for the price - can't get anything close to it.

If you picked up a mechanic grade floor jack - be easily 10x that price. For a home DIYer - that's plenty enough jack.


What kind of floor jack do you have. Tons I mean. Would you get this one


I don't remember off hand - maybe 3 or 4 tons for my medium sized floor jack. Was plenty big enough to jack up my older 4x4 SUV (1977 GMC Jimmy) and old Dodge Monaco - talking curb weights easily 3 times heavier than my Corolla.

Probably wouldn't recommend going any smaller than 1.5 tons, better to stick with 2 - 2.5 tons or bigger - as long as you have the room for it.

Bigger jacks are heavier and generally longer than their lighter duty counterparts - as long as you can easily move it around to get under the car - you are good to go.

I didn't buy that brand from harbor freight since I saw the reviews on it were bad at the time where they were giving people problems quickly. Unfortunately anything good is very expensive and most of the time very heavy too. I just went with a 2 1/2 ton AC Delco for around $60 since it's light enough to carry in the trunk and comes in a carry case. I hate using the slow OEM jack so using this one is much faster and easier. Could save your life being on the side of the road for much less time changing a flat so a texter or drunk won't have as much opportunity to drive into you.


Where did you get your jack from. I want to get the same one I case.

Thanks Frank.

I think Oreilly's. I checked other auto stores and found that one to be the best choice for me, but shop around and get what you think is best. There are others sold with cases.


Maybe you can help me with something. What are good jack stands I can buy. I am looking for good jack stands.

Thanks for help Frank.

I got my low priced silver colored Mack brand stands a decade ago and they've been nothing but good with no rust ect. Got them at Autozone or Oreilly's. May be better brands now so just check and see what looks best for you. I know you don't have to spend much to get good stands though.

What brands are good for jack stands. I your jack a rapid jack. I live in 19064 zip code do they have a orillies.

It's a rapid jack but I don't know about the other questions. You'll just have to check around.


Do you think I can get the jack you have on amazon. That auto parts store is not near me.

Thanks for help.