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2000 Corolla - Defogger Light On After New Battery

By Corollan8085, September 17, 2014

Hi, I have 2000 Corolla CE model, bought this car with knowing that Defogger is not working condition.

I have never used, did not think I needed actually since I was driving in only CA.

About two weeks ago, I replaced the car battery because It was about time.

After about 100 miles, the defogger light has lighted up on my dash that I have never seen it before. (Did not even know Defogger light is orange..)

I tried to turn it off by press defogger switch, but it does nothing.

It's always on now, is there anything I can do about it?

Hard to say without further diagnosis - could be a short in the switch or the wiring leading up to the switch. The really thing to check is if the defogger is really pulling juice or just the lamp is being lit up. It is on a timer, so it will eventually turn off.

Thank you so much for reply, fishexpo101.

Went to Pepboys other day and have diagnosis job for my car.

Turns out one of my auto lock system wire was messing with part of my fuse box that located near the driver seat.

The auto lock was installed at the Sound Ave. auto shop in Cypress, CA, I guess I got what I have paid. (Paid $120 for Autopage xt-33..)

Fixed the problem at the Pepboys at $90, re-organize the wires in fuse box.

Thanks again for your comment.

Have a great day..!

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