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2001 Corolla Stalling, But Check Engine Light Is Off

by kulkarni_ash, July 22, 2014



I have 2001 corolla with 203,000 miles on it, recently the it keeps on stalling, mostly at low RPM,

but check engine light is not on,

last time i had issue with mis fire there was check engine light and i changed spark plugs and it worked,

what might be the issue

Air filter?

fuel filter?

some issue with transmission?

how do i trouble shoot

How does the car stall? Is it only at low RPMs (example only happens at idle, or when you are stopped at a light, etc.)?

Does it happen when you slow down from highway speeds, like to get onto an off ramp?

Can you keep the car from stalling, like giving it a little extra gas / blipping the throttle - or will it stall regardless?

Couple of things come to mind - first off, check the critical items:

- make sure all fluid levels are fine (engine oil, coolant, transaxle fluid, powersteering fluid)

- make sure the tank has plenty of gas

- visually double check that nothing looks obviously faulty (loose wiring, hoses, leaks, serpentine belt, etc.)

- make sure the air filter is properly installed and clean, check the rest of the airbox and hose leading to the throttlebody, make sure that is in good shape

- remove the sparkplugs and "read" the plug ends, note anything unusual or if any plugs look grossly different than the others

- since this engine has MAF, might be worthwhile to try and clean the MAF sensor, lots of information on that on this forum and online

- might just need simple maintenance, ie. throttle body cleaning and fuel injector cleaning.

- might help to add some fuel injector cleaner into the tank, many will help with slightly dirty injectors and can help absorb and move any water out of the tank

Need to check out these easier diagnostics - if those all check out fine, then we can point you in the direction of additional diagnostics.

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