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2001 Corolla Windshield Washer Tank

by ozarkbill, July 21, 2014

How hard and what needs to be done to change this tank?


If you 2001 is anything like my 1999 then you don't have to remove the front bumper at all.

So does anyone know if the bumper needs to come off? There seems to be a lot of newer design being shown as parts search.


Why don't open up the hood and check it out? That should help you determine if the bump needs to come off. 99-01 got the same engine and under the hood design I think. I replaced it in my 99, no bumper came off. But the tank I bought on Ebay, the pump didn't work so I reused the old pump.

I think it was just the 9th gen that needs the bumper to come off - as part of the tank sat infront of the wheel well. On my 2002 - the tank just sits on top of the wheel well, two bolts on the fender are what holds it in place (10mm?). Though there might be market / region differences - I don't believe any of the 8th gen were internally mounted (inside the recess infront of the wheel well).

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