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2000 Left Idling For 2 Day Won't Start

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So i'm looking for a solution on google, and found this video. I tried it on my 2000 but

still wont start.


The behavior is the engine cranks fine, and seems to start for half a second then dies out.

Also tried disconnecting battery for 10min to reset ECM and what not.

BTW, it's only 7F here.

So im thinking bad fuel pump or water in gasline. I'm thinking of buying a

gauge to test fuel pressure on the rail. I just hope they still used a connector

for one on this model.


Try to clean your throttle body and should help.


i cleaned the TB last my sister called AAA and had them try to start it with a jump and it fired up. Dont know if my battery disconnect helped..Batt was kinda weak and the terminal connectors are corroded. Will fix that up in the thaw.

Weird, never heard of the airbox VSV referred to as an EGR switching valve - but I guess I could see it. 7 degrees F should not be cold enough for it to freeze - unless it is loaded with water (ethanol doesn't help matters).

Unfortunately, the 1ZZ-FE doesn't have the schrader valve on the fuel rail - you have to get a SST to put a tee into the fuel that can run to a separate pressure gauge. Part of the returnless fuel system design. A quick check to see if you got fuel is to pull the plugs after a cranking episode like this, if it catches and stops - disconnect the sparkplug leads. If fuel is making it - there will be some fuel odor or even fuel saturated plugs.

Glad to hear that you got it started - a weakened battery can cause a weak ignition or misfires. Can also cause electrical noises that can confuse the ECM. Probably the combination of resetting the ECM and getting a jump shocked the car into running.


As you mentioned, main problem was a weak battery and corroded terminals... Why was it left idling for 2 hours?