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Megan Racing Lowering Springs? (Daily Driver 5Spd 2003 Corolla Ce)

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I want to put some lowering springs on my daily driven 2003 Toyota Corolla CE.

According to Megan Racing their springs lower the car about 1.5 in front and back.

Mainly want to do this for stance and handling without sacrificing ride comfort on a budget....

Question is: is it worth it or should I just go pay the money and go with some Eibachs?

Does anyone run these on their car or prefer/recommend a different brand for a daily driven 5 spd 2003 Toyota Corolla CE?

Any input is greatly appreciated and thank you advance default_smile


I don't think it's worth it. Too low for real roads, camber and steering linkage problems, etc... Just get good struts if yours are shot, a Progress or Ultra Racing rear anti-roll/sway bar. Ultra Racing 4-point rear strut bar, and front strut bar... You can run 205/60-15 tires.

Click on 'Suspension', then 'Strut Bars' and 'Ultra racing', or 'Sway Bars' and 'Ultra Racing':