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Loose Power Window Switch, 2005 Le

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I've been having problems with my front driver's side power window, which (thankfully) isn't a problem with the regulator, but a loose power window switch (the one that says "AUTO" in the drivers side power window panel). At one point, I was not able to raise the window again after lowering it. I removed the entire power window control panel, and dissassembled it down to the circuit board that controls the power window. Using the slider on the module for that window on the circuit board, I was able to raise the window again.

The problem is that I cannot seem to get the plastic switch back into the correct position on the top part of the panel, or in any position where it catches the slider and raises the window up and down. Any idea on how to right this again? Or do I pretty much need to buy a whole replacement power window switch assembly?

Thanks in advance,


Never tried to remove the button on that switch assembly to fix them, I just replace the whole switch assembly. Sounds like it is not catching on a clip or missing some small part, but that is all conjecture on my part. Didn't snap off any plastic tabs on the bottom?


I didn't snap anything as far as I can tell. The switch simply became more and more loose until it could no longer raise and lower the window reliably, and now I can't get it to catch the slider at all.

Looks like I'll probably just get an entire switch assembly - I saw one on eBay for this generation of Corollas for only $25, so it's fairly painless as part costs go.



like fish said there seems to be something amiss. I'm all for fixing what can be fixed but in some cases, this being one, I would get a whole panel from a wrecker (check to make sure it seems to work well) and replace.