Airbag Inflator Module Interim Recall Notice

Here is your Toyota car information!

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Received this Interim notice, they say that once recall is finalized (guess they are figuring out how fix will be) they will send out second notice. Apparently improperly manufactured propellant wafers in airbag system can cause unsafe condition in 03 and some 04 Corollas. Seems like this should have been found MANY years ago!!

Interesting - wondering how many vehicles are involved in the recall. Toyota Matrix / Pontiac Vibes also share lots of components with the Corolla.

The recall says it will also involve Matrix,Tundra and 2002 to early 04 Model Year Sequoia. Sounds like all 03 corollas will be involved, unless they come out with different wording once it is released. Hope I can get this done in couple of weeks, before I go on my cross country trip. I will call dealership to see if recall is now in effect.


They still have not received any parts for this recall, so its still on hold.

It's active. I saw it on the toyota website and took it in today. The only disapointmen is the part was not replaced.

This is what it reads on my receipt:

"Removed passanger airbag to scan barcode

did not need replacement"

I just got my recall notice on Friday. The notice says the procedure takes about an hour. Seems like a fairly large pain to have to mess with the dashboard to check a bar code.